Facility Maintenance

Reams Enterprises can help maximize the efficiency of your facility. Our professional team understands that each facility is different and takes the time to assess your specific needs. From heating and cooling to overall repairs, Reams Enterprises keeps your building running so you can get to work.

Reams Enterprises was proud to serve the US Army Fort McPherson Garrison from 1985 until the 2011 BRAC closure. We were the largest construction contractor on the installations. Reams then continued to provide facilities maintenance to the Fort Gillem Enclave thru 2015.

Reams Enterprises has provided annual retail store reimage renovations and facilities maintenance since 1987. We work with store personnel to ensure that operations are minimally effected while completing the scope of work on schedule and within budget.

Emergency Response Program

Reams Enterprises is a “First Call” general contractor for major retail store properties throughout country. We are available 24/7 for any type of service required. Our goal is to restore store(s) to operating conditions as quickly as possible after a disaster.

Safety Matters

  • Identify unsafe conditions through scheduled inspections.Start with high risk locations and most frequent accident categories.
  • Scheduled inspections of equipment and same day resolution of non-compliant safety violations
  • Painting or re-restriping of teammate / customer safety zones(walking pathway),slip areas, or parking lot areas
  • Safety inspection to report /comply with Safety directions as issued by local or corporate management