Fort McPherson / Fort Gillem Facilities Maintenance

Reams Enterprises was competitively selected to assume the duties of facilities maintenance contractor for the Fort McPherson Garrison in March of 2003. Contract was to provide facilities maintenance for approximately 7,000,000 SF of office, administrative, storage, maintenance, housing, and other misc space for the Fort McPherson, Fort Gillem, and Lake Allatoona Army installations. Reams Enterprises maintained the installations, thru consecutive contracts, from 2003 till the Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC) of the installations in September 2011. Reams Enterprises continued to provide facilities maintenance for the Fort Gillem Enclave thru June 2015.

Services provided included 24/7/365 emergency response, high and low voltage electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, painting, road maintenance, repair and maintenance of water main lines and hydrants, monitor energy usage (meter reading), flooring repair and replacement, pest control services, litter pickup, grounds maintenance, custodial services, and refuse services.

“Reams Enterprises has provided an excellent customer service… Their service modus operando should be used as benchmark for all installations….”
Angel Cotto-Perez – Chief Housing Branch DPW/DOL

“…Reams Enterprises consistently provides excellent support services and offer emergency function in a timely manner, during our 24 hour, 7 day operational War Time mission… The US Army needs to seek more excellent contractors like Reams Enterprises Inc…”
James M. Davie – Building Manager HQ First Army

“… Your continued commitment to quality customer service goes over and above the call of duty and the letter of our contract…”
Luke F. Wyland – Family Housing Inspector

“…I could recommend no individual more highly than Mr. Reams for the preservation and renovation of historic buildings….”
Jean Paul Pentecouteau – Cultural Resources Manager

“…I would in no way hesitate to recommend Reams Enterprises Inc. for your historical renovation / preservation project.”
Paul H. Bunch, Jr. – COR DPW/DOL Fort McPherson

“… They are to be commended for the excellent corporation and response to an emergency…”
Gordon McNew – Fort Gillem Getaway Club

“ … Ever since Reams came onboard, service has been outstanding;  they come out the same day we call in a service order.  Seems like they are here working before we hang up.  Outstanding work; keep up the good job.”
Dennis Smith – Recreation Assistant

“… Service is great, quick response time they don’t take a long time to repair something when I call in a service order.  They let me know that the problem was fixed before leaving.  On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, I rate their service and work a “10”.”
Nafeesa Mattox – Service Specialist TASAC

“… Super service work done very quickly.  I am well pleased with the service provided.  Seems like he was there within minutes after I called in the service order.  Work done very efficiently.”
Mr. Vonlee fields – Mer Class 6 Store AAFES Ft Mac

Howard, I would like to recommend Robert Taylor, Carlos Hinds, Arthur Chapman, and Tony Brown on the outstanding work that they have been doing since we have lived in our quarters here on Fort Gillem. When my husband deployed to Kuwait it was a difficult time for me, They went to the extreme to help me in many ways with the maintenance in our quarters. They are very pleasant, respectful, and are a joy to be around. They do excellent work and would stop by to see if I need anything. Words can not express my gratitude and appreciation for that extra mile. My husband will be sending a letter of appreciation for these services. Keep up the good work.”
Mrs. Tracie Magwood – Qtrs 135-A

Reams Enterprises is very pleased to be able to point out the increased level of performance that we were able to provide the government. A higher level of performance that is not only reflected in the many positive comments that we received, but also in the amount of work that we have been able to accomplish, with 30% fewer people than the previous contractors.

Reams Enterprises performance on these contracts clearly demonstrate that we are more than capable of completing a follow-on contract without interruption or loss of continuity. We feel that our performance clearly shows that we would be the “best choice” for your facilities maintenance needs.