1930’s Buildings Conversion

Project was to renovate buildings 169 & 170 at Fort McPherson Georgia from circa 1930’s hospital wards to modern 21st century office space.
Scope of work included (but not limited to):
* Complete demolition of all existing electrical, mechanical, heating and air conditioning, telephone and low voltage systems, elevators, numerous walls
* Asbestos abatement
* Construction of new offices
* Construction of new bathrooms to include all new plumbing out to 5” line * New HVAC systems with direct digital controls
* Installation of two elevators
* Completely new electrical systems to include the electrical service
* New fire suppression system
* New fire alarm system
* Painting and interior finishes
* New carpet, hardwood floors, VCT flooring
* Handicap ramps and ADA compliance
* Insulation and soundproofing

Buildings 169 and 170 were constructed in the late 1930’s and consist of two adjoined buildings of approximately 33,000 square feet.  Originally designed as hospital wards, they were converted into modern administrative space.  To help provide our customer with a better value ad since this project was on a very compressed time schedule, Reams Enterprises was involved in the design reviews throughout the design of the project.  Working with our subcontractors and using our combined expertise, we were able to offer recommendations that lowered the overall contract price by over $250K while not sacrificing any quality or usability.  Since the project was on a fast track due to a critical shortage of administrative space at Fort McPherson, Reams Enterprises began the demolition work prior to final award.  This helped us to gain at least a month on the schedule and helped expose any unknowns prior to completion of the final design.  Due to the fast track nature of this project, the construction work began with the 95% drawings.